(a cold drink for booyaa)

Kukicha is a Japanese green tea made from the roasted stems and twigs of tea plants. It has a hardy flavour that will come through the chilling, unlike bancha. And it has CAFFEINE!

What booyaa Will Need
4 bags of kukicha or five teaspoons of loose tea
4 or 5 cups of water
some sweetener to booyaa's taste
some lemon zest is always nice

What booyaa Needs To Do Now
Boil the water, pour over the tea bags or loose tea, and let it steep for twenty minutes or so. Pour the tea from the bags or the loose tea through a seive into a container such as a pitcher. Add the lemon zest and sweetener. Chill. Pour from the pitcher into a thermos. Take the thermos to work. Open the thermos. Pour into a very nice cup or tea bowl. Pour in mouth. Yay!

Serves 4 booyaas or 1 booyaa 4 times or 1 booyaa, booyaa's boss, and 2 of booyaa's co-workers.


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