this is more of a week log, but here goes..

I had my first real kiss in over a year on sunday, but not just on sunday, Crys and I started sunday night and continued kissing until monday afternoon.

On Monday evening, Crys told me that it was a bad idea. She gives many reasons, the first being that she lives down the hall.

On Tuesday evening, we spend hours talking, and to my dismay, Crys decides that we should go back to being just friends.

On Wednesday evening, I sleep over at Pun's apartment, just to get out of the building. She recieves phone calls from her boyfriend, and does not answer them.

I spent most of Thursday with Crys. We act like nothing happened, and we both feel a little more comfortable being friends. However, Thursday night I return to my room for sleep, and curl up under my blanket. My blanket still retains her scent and I think of crys. I write this:

to feel her lips
to taste her mouth
to desire her tongue
wishing for her taste
to be held by her
to hold her close
to pull her near
never wanting to part
to cherish her warmth
to burn in her blaze to lay beside her fire
blowing upon the coals

And the plan for Friday is to get drunk with crys and see what happens.