Sixtoo is an MC/poet, DJ, producer and graffiti artist who spends a large amount of his time in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has been putting out music since 1990 and is affiliated with the Sebutones and 1200 Hobos.
His ever growing body of work includes but is not necessarily limited to the following:


Sixtoo - Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures LP/CD
Sixtoo - Antagonist Survival Kit LP/CD
Sixtoo - Duration CD
Sixtoo - Work In Progress 12"
Sixtoo - Psyche Continuum CD
Sixtoo - Termination Dub 10" Dubplate
Sixtoo - Psyche Intangible CD
Sixtoo - Crystal Senate 12" (with Moka Only)
Sixtoo - Progress Cassette
Sixtoo - Return of the Seeker Cassette
Sixtoo - Four Elements Cassette
Sixtoo - Superstar Props Cassette
Sebutones - 50/50 where it counts CD
Sebutones - Psoriasis Cassette
Sebutones - Sebutonedef 12"
Villain Accelerate - Maid of Gold LP/CD
Compilation Discography-
Foolblown "inside out"
Anticon "music for the advanced listener" 12"
Anticon "for the advancement of hiphop" CD
Stardust Music CD
Handsolo Records "Bassments of Bad Men"
Various Ant Records compilations
Haltown Comilations vols. 1-4
Jo Run - Break Fluid
Soundtrack Discography
Now I'm gonna show ya...(directed by Scott Doucette)
Bank Robber #5 (directed by Evan Kelly)
Guest Appearances -
Aquasky's (moving on rmx) dubplate
Kunga 219 -Tharpa's Transcripts
Sole - Bottle of Humans LP
Circus - Intellectual holy chessmen (w. Awol, Sole, Mek, Radioninactive, Buck65 etc)
The Goods - Dream Sequence
Braille - Life First production only
Recyclone - Dead World full production credit
DJ Moves - Hiss DJ Moves
DJ Moves - Hiss 2 (Hissteria)
Knowself - everything is under control

Update: Sixtoo will be releasing his next full length album, entitled "Antagonist Survival Kit", on April 9th, 2003. He's also just released a 7" with Matth, entitled "He Heard Glass Music". Lots of other releases are forthcoming in the near future, and Sixtoo has just signed a deal with Ninja Tune!