Buck 65 is one of the best rapper/DJs ever. He has been described by newspapers as "A mix between Kool Keith and your grandpa." He has also been on the top ten Canadian hip-hop charts with his hit cd "Vertex". He has a new cd coming out soon, called "Man Overboard". He has done a project with "James P." which can be found currently as the featured project on http://www.extralucky.com. His official web site is http://www.buck65.com .

Buck 65 is old. He started out as a b-boy back in '82 while living in Small Town, Nova Scotia, but today this no-nonsense white boy is the Jimmy Castor of hip hop. Handling production, lyrics, and DJ'ing duties by himself, Buck may be the man to single-handedly rescue hip hop.

In 1989, with his head full of crazy ideas, Buck moved to Halifax and began to make things happen. He made his first professional studio recording and shortly after became a volunteer at the local university radio station, CKDU. Ten years later he still preaches the gospel on air once a week.

His first official release, 1992's Chin Music, was quick to become the number one single on the CKDU charts and the top selling independent release in the city. This led to a relationship with murderecords, a local label able to provide Buck with some much needed distribution as well as the opportunity to tour.

In 1996, Buck, along with his friend Sixtoo, decided to make a half joke record under the name The Sebutones. The Sebutones released a long-player called Psoriasis and a 12' called Sebutone Def. A cult was born.

1n 1997, Buck recorded a trilogy called The Wild Life which was released as a 12" on Hand Solo Records in Toronto and was later named single of the year by Austrailia's Darn Kids magazine. Near the same time, Buck defined his sound with the recording of Language Arts - a 45 minute long song which also served to officially introduce his alter egos: characters like Johnny Rockwell, Uncle Climax, and the rest of "the certain others". This also marked the year Buck met Mr. Dibbs, the man who would eventually induct Buck into his crew of talented hip hop types from all over the United States, The 1200 Hobos.

Buck, who also records under the monkier Stinkin' Rich, has recorded with musicians ranging from Biz Markie to jazz dude Jerry Granelli. Included amoung the influences that shape Buck's perverted art are MC Shan, David Lynch, J.V.C. FORCE, John Galliano, Superlover Lee, Spiderman, Kool Keith, Ted Williams, Mix Master Mike, and Vivienne Westwood.

Many regarded Buck as somewhat of a weirdo because his subject matter includes fashion design, freestyle BMX, baseball, and icthyology. Maybe he's a throwback, maybe he's the future, but you can't hear any death threats or hollow boasting coming from this honky. Forget about it. This is music that picks up where the rap performance in Revenge of the Nerds left off.

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