WebMailTM is Netscape's web-based email service. Considering it's technically owned by AOL, it's surprisingly free of advertising whoredom.

Although I cannot prove conclusively that it is superior to Microsoft's Hotmail (it is, BTW), it has the following advantages over it:

  • it's always 1 or 2 clicks away on nearly any Netscape browser.
  • it has never in my knowledge suffered a major security breach, also is probably less frequently targeted by haX0rs.
  • the servers are not being migrated to Windows NT for political reasons (as we all know this would be detrimental to the users)
  • Don't have to give any details to the wack-ass MSN Passport system.
It has the following advantages over Yahoo! Mail (which in turn has several advantages of its own):
  • Doesn't put an incomprehensible string of characters into the sender field of outgoing mail.
So now you have a third web-based email service (that is likely to stay alive) to choose from.