Under my desk I have a box of (computer) mice that have passed on over the course of the last decade, which looks like something from the bizarre trophy room of a Predator with a desk job. None of these mice are made by Logitech. The mice I use on my two PC's, however, are both made by that fine company.

The old one is a Logitech Pilot three-button serial mouse (1996). This mouse is a very comfortable symettrical shape, and is very precise - in fact, Silicon Graphics machines come with a rebadged version of this mouse (or did at one time), so it must be good. The only problem with mine is the microswitch on the left button is a bit dodgy (but then, microswitches are only supposed to last for something like 1,000,000 uses anyway, not 5 years of near-continuous use).

The new one is a Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical, which looks fantastically cool, is about the same shape as the Pilot (but slightly better) and is cheaper, lighter, and more precise than the bloated Microsoft equivalent.

I also use a Logitech Deluxe Keyboard (which has a sensible wrist rest and textured keys).

No-one ever got RSI from buying Logitech.*

Logitech also make a wide range of game controllers (the Wingman range), alternative pointing devices (such as the TrackMan Marble) and more recently speakers and headphones (I think they bought Labtec). They also manufacture the official Gran Turismo 3 steering wheel for the PS2.

* slogan is for marketing purposes only, and furthermore entirely fictional