From the CPL web site,

Founded on June 26, 1997, the CPL is the leading computer gamer's league in the world, and has transformed computer game competitions into a professional sport. The CPL attracts thousands of gamers to its live events and hundreds of thousands of spectators, both live and online. Through its various sponsors, the CPL awards tournament winners as much as $150,000 in cash prizes. The CPL events feature: professional computer game tournaments, large spectator arenas, enthusiast LAN competitions, hardware and software exhibitions and a variety of workshops.

The CPL's headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas and was founded by Angel L. Munoz. The other organizers for the CPL are: Mike Wardwell (League Commissioner), Monte Fontenot (Events Director), Jerry Wolski (Online Operations Director) and Tim Schuh (LAN Operations Director). The CPL is a division of, Inc., and it is primarily sponsored by Gateway, Intel, Razer, NETGEAR, Monster Cable, Logitech, and other companies. The CPL's tournaments are held in cities all over the world, but the majority take place in Dallas. Their office address is:

Cyberathlete Professional League
2200 Ross Avenue, 54th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201

From personal experience at some of the CPL events I attended, I can tell you they are very well organized and they love what they do. There are always lots of people and lots of workshops from various companies showing off their newest and best products - sometimes giving away free stuff. There are usually software companies there that have unreleased games which they let you play - its very cool. At one of the events, I was able to play Tribes and some other cool games before they were released.

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