The latest (at this writing) Chris Morris TV series. Extremely dark and controversial, and of course, funny. Based partly on the radio show Blue Jam. The kind of show that makes you realise that English TV is the best in the world, when it wants to be. Or rather, English Comedy is the best in the world. Regularly pilloried on viewer feedback program Right to Reply (the last time by a greasy little student who kept saying "Did you find that funny?" about bits that weren't supposed to be funny. Dumb fuck).

A typical sketch? Well, there are no typical sketches as such, just dream-like chunks of disquieting surrealism submerged in ambient music and video effects. A lot of the imagery is rather memorable, for instance a trailer for one episode consisted of a piece of Police-style camcorder footage looking into an upstairs window of a house. Two men in y-fronts appear, holding revolvers. They squat down in a sprinter's starting pose, facing away from each other, and then simultaneously take aim and shoot each other up the arse. Now that's comedy.