Comedian/Presenter of the (now thankfully cancelled) 11 O'Clock Show, and the more recent (and only marginally less inept) Thumb Bandits on Channel Four. Failed stand-up comedian Lee got his break in television via a stint in regional radio. (He was apparently fired from this job for accidentally leaving the mike on during a record and using the c-word several times.) He was seen by Channel Four (then at the nadir of their comedic output) as suitably 'studenty' and cheap frontman for their graveyard-slot show.

His material, or rather the material written for him to mangle with his timing-free delivery, generally revolves around how sad* he is supposed to be, a theme which corresponds well with his unsightly appearance. Kind of like Rik Mayall's early stuff but without the sincerity. He also presents some minor panel game show about music on one of the more obscure cable channels.

*'Sad' in the now clich├ęd Mary Whitehouse Experience 'Daytime TV and Wanking' sense of the word.