Full name Aleksandra Krystyna Theresa Krotoski, born October 22nd in Kuala Lumpur. Daughter of an eminent Russian scientist who works on combatting tropical diseases. Brought up in America, she emigrated to Scotland to finish her degree in Psychology and then to become a TV presenter/reporter. She has been well received by the British media.

From an official site: "Aleks, also known as that loud American one or the one with the green in her hair, is a videogame purist, a fan of almost any type of game other than beat 'em ups or driving games, partly because they're about the only ones she can't whip with her eyes closed. Unafraid of the complexities of hardcore gaming, she even likes real-time strategy games. The words minions and little people dance around her mouth like dwarves in an Elizabethan court. But it's not all beard-envy. The cry of die suckers and gunshots can often be heard from Aleks' window too, and thus she's a truly rounded human being."

From her fan site: "As the show has grown, the presenters have grown with it. This brings me to Aleks who, I feel, has come into her own since the beginning of the third series. I am unable to dismiss her views on games, and I feel that of the three presenters, she is the one who thinks most deeply when reviewing a title. Bouff has a full understanding of atmosphere, particularly when it comes to games in the horror genre. Emily is practical, usually able to predict whether or not a game will have mass appeal. Aleks' reviews, however, are of a quite different nature. It isn't so much what Aleks knows, but what she understands. This understanding is, at least for me, the point around which Alek's appeal as a critic and a presenter is focused.

Aleks' appeal, though, doesn't rest merely on an intellectual level. As a person, Aleks has many positive qualities. She's witty, charming, warm and good-natured. Of course, being a bloke, I couldn't possibly write about Aleks without mentioning just how attractive she is. There are moments when Aleks smiles in a certain way that I find unbearably sexy. There are moments when she delivers a gag in a certain way that I find hysterically funny. And there are moments when the camera catches her in a certain way that make me feel like I'm falling in love."

Personally, I think Aleks is the best thing on British TV screens and in magazines, and I wish her every success in the future. Her kindness to her fans has always been appreciated.

An informative and well-designed site can be found at http://www.theshrine.connectfree.co.uk

It's got loads of cool pics...

I've neglected to mention that she's appeared on the excellent shows Bits and Thumb Bandits, detailed above. Thanks to Catchpole for pointing that out :)

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