I am, indeed over nine feet tall.

DMan and Uberfetus hit the road every Summer to tour their inflammatory ventriloquist act.

Dem Bones secretly wishes he was Diana Ross.

Gnarl secretly is Diana Ross.

Dizzy is constructed entirely of discarded polyurethane, and lives on a diet of AOL trial disks.

Baron Carlos likes to scare little old ladies (by dressing as a giant pecan pie and dancing licentiously).

Heyoka is really a mythical giant sea bass, and dictates her nodes via a specially developed "sonar probe" operated by Nicholas Witchell.

Vanessa Feltz sits on the end of a seesaw and challenges children with the words "Come on then! Who wants to take me on?"

Jet Poop is a pseudonym for the cast of the popular Seventies sitcom Are You Being Served?