Zoboomafoo (1999) is a kids' nature/animal show on PBS. It features Chris and Martin Kratt, real-life brothers and animal lovers, and one rambunctious leaping Sifaka lemur named Zoboomafoo.

Although children seem to always love shows about animals, it's the Zoboomafoo character that really draws kids in. He is cute, innocent, and thanks to the talent of puppeteer Gordon Robinson, you really sometimes can't tell he is a puppet. Occasionally he is, as sometimes (like when he is climbing around Animal Junction, the show's setting) Zoboo (as they shorten it on the show) is actually a real lemur. Kids can identify with the way that Zoboo is constantly trying to explore new things, from reading to snacks.

Lots of animals, claymation segments, easy-to-remember songs, and the Kratt Brothers' crazy antics make this show a lot of fun to watch for adults as well as kids.

IMDB information:

  • Directed By: Jacques Laberge, Pierre Roy (III)

  • Genevieve Farrell: Amy
  • Chris Kratt: Himself
  • Martin Kratt: Himself
  • Gordon Robinson (I): Zoboomafoo
  • Samantha Tolkacz: Jackie
  • Kratt information:

  • The brothers are from New Jersey
  • Chris Kratt was born July 19, 1969
  • Chris has a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College.
  • Martin Kratt was born December 23, 1965
  • Martin has a B.S. in Zoology from Duke University