Singapore is a fine city. ;-)

I've been working a few months in Singapore, and I can say I love it here. Here are the reasons why:

  • It's a book lover's paradise! The big booksellers are there: Borders, Kinokouniya, the local MPH. Plus the smaller book chains Popular and Times, which seem to be in every mall. Plus all those second-hand bookstores. Plus very accessible and well stocked libraries.
  • Geek heaven! Aside from the above mentioned books you can find all sorts of computer goodies: order from Dell or Compaq or build them yourself. They also seem to have an active Linux Users' Group. Pirated software abound (is it me, or do Asians have less qualms about copyright?). Although not as cheap as Hong Kong, you can find any geek toy in Singapore.
  • Fresh air, open spaces, but with the conveniences of a city. Coming from congested, polluted Manila, Singapore's parks and nature reserves (imagine, a small rainforest in the middle of the city!) are a welcome change.
  • Warm sunny weather: reminds me of my home town.
  • Intelligent, friendly people. The average Singaporean is well educated, and can speak 3 languages.

    And suprisingly, I do not feel the heavy handedness of the government. In fact I was amazed that I hardly encounter policemen anywhere.