today i drove around this small town, listening to all the songs that remind me of you.

and the shadows, as they fell where i sped, fled past and the time seemed to go by all too fast.

but how can you resist those shadows of the trees, of us, on windy evenings

where there's no rush to finish too soon the things we never have the courage to start.

over the lake the sun cast streaming, wavy light, just like the way i see you--

beautiful, undefined--

and the water always there to refresh my memory of you.

why does everything now always make me think of you?

and running from this thought i lost myself

in dead end roads and looped highways only to return to where i had begun.

(((circles))), always around you..

and i'm ending up where i never started.

and perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect..
i just can't get this word out of my mind.