iMovie is a software program created by Apple and runs exclusively on Mac OS 8x+ or Mac OS X.

iMovie is a significant step in digital video editing. Previous software titles such as Adobe Premier and various other packages from software companies such as ULead or Pinnacle Systems offer consumer based video editing, but never this easy or intuitive.

At a keynote conference in California in early spring 2001, Steve Jobs proclaimed that home video production would be the next great movement since desktop publishing. This claim has been received with warm acceptance from the media, though of late Apple hasn´t proven themselves to be on the cutting edge of digital media content movement. But quoting our friends at the chicago tribune:

"Apple stands at the brink of leading another revolution. I can tell you, for a start, that software named iMovie 2 running on a new Mac is the best thing to happen to soccer moms since the Ford Aerostar van."

iMovie makes it very easy to import video content from a digital video camera and author it with various effects such as adding fade-ins and outs, text and a number of multi-track sound overlays. According to Apple, it´s so easy and intuitive you don´t need a manual. Note: No manual is included

Once you have a created your B movie masterpiece, iMovie makes it very easy to export the content back to the digital video camera via Firewire and make it easy to share with friends and family. The content can also be easily converted to a Internet or streaming `friendly´ format such as Quicktime.

The largest drawback to this software is the requirements of the expensive and proprietary Apple computers.