So the big gothic event of the season is over.

All kinds of lovely people were in attendance, including a number of my friends. Rebbie claims that any Seattle Saturday is on a par with a Chicago Saturnalia. So let's see those flash bastards get a plane ticket out here then. We make do with what we have.

Got scammed by a cabbie on the way home. That irritates me more than anything else for the evening. I was already tipping him $5 for a $5 cab ride, but no, he had to be an asshole about it. The vicissitudes of earthly life...

A friend of mine who recently moved to Chicago had been bored earlier this week, and had found a bit of back-and-forth from alt.gothic that we had shared, several years before we had ever met each other. Given that I'm currently on the prowl for the lady in question, it's a lovely bit of irony that the alt.gothic discussion is concerning dating, and how people often don't do it properly. Fuck irony.