I had one of those nights.

One of those nights where you toss and turn in a haze of sleep, but are never really asleep. Dreams become vivid, and reality blurs with fantasy. I hate nights like that, my dreams burn into my mind, they make me want to crawl out of my skin, and scream.

The dreams/hallucinations I had were insane. Disconnected garbage, thrown together with the rudiments of a plot that only made sense to my sleep addled mind. It started with me being chased, but I'm not sure by what. Something terrible and forbidding. But I had to run. Run and run, run until I fell down. Then the dream changed, as if someone turned a light switch on. I was suddenly riding on an elephant, travelling through Africa. After a wandering for a long time, what seemed like years, we came across my friend Tara who was dancing next to a pool. The Elephant dipped her, both in the dancing and liquid sense.

Then my faithful elephant fell over, I had been sitting on its neck, and it couldn't support me any longer. It fell into the mud and sank down. It looked tired. And dead. I continued walking with my back pack through Africa, and I suddenly walked into the kitchen. Of this large ranch style house. From which, of course, I had to escape.

The rest of the dream is hazy,and I remember nothing clearly, kind of like a bad aftertaste. Most likely this is due to me finally falling into a peaceful slumber.