I read in the Science Times that the Oracle at Delphi's prophecies were caused by huffing gas fumes. Also, that 15 girls in Saudi Arabia died in a fire because the religious police wouldn't let them out or the firefighters in because the girls weren't wearing their veils.

I got off the train at Grand Central at about 6:10 PM.

There was a PA announcement: "Due to police action, all New Haven Line trains are being held at Grand Central Terminal until further notice."

Okay, I thought. Probably some purse snatcher jumped on the train and hid and they've got to find him. Definitely nothing to worry about. Until fifteen seconds later, another announcement:

"All emergency engineers, please report to Track 25 immediately."

Wtf is that? I figured they were asking for volunteers to drive the terrorist death train full of napalm or Ebola virus out of town. I got out of there wit' a quickness.

Later, I read over somebody's shoulder that some guy killed himself jumping out of the train near Rye. Pretty sad.