"What was that all about?" asked one of the warrioresses, as she emerged from the bushes and holstered her crossbow. Several others emerged from various nooks and crannies.
"Nadia? Gen'vieve? What are you guys doing here?"
"Oh, picking berries, keepin an eye on our princess, and so on. Sorry to intrude. What happened?"
"I don't know. One moment he kissed me, and the next he turned into a frog."
"Oops. Poor frog, I really should have this crossbow looked at." said Gen'Vieve.
"Dear Gen'vieve, what's going to happen to us? I was supposed to marry him."
"Well, there's plenty more where he came from. I'm sure the next prince will be too happy at the opportunity to care where this chump went."
By now, the shock had worn off, the whole scene suddenly seemed ridiculous. Princess Ute, and her fierce warrioresses standing in a happy little garden, staring at a dead, impaled frog on top of a pile of clothing. Someone started cracking up, and soon the whole group dissolved into belly laughs so intense they hurt. Forgetting all decorum, Ute collapsed to the ground and started hitting it with her fist.
"Idath... *giggle* Idath, would... you... *snort* please inform the king that things didn't... things didn't work out between Prince Sherman and myself, but I'd be... *sppphhhh* I'd be more than happy to meet Prince Erewert for breakfast in the garden at the same time next morning. *hee-hee-hee*"
"Y-yes Ute." said Idath and did an about-face, with a sharp click of her heels and strode off in search of the king and queen, trying to keep from grinning.
The rest of them cleaned up the mess in the garden and hurried off to change into their gear. It was a perfect day for climbing.

The End!

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