Ute was quickly coming of age, so her parents started to carefully broach the question of marriage. They'd drop subtle hints like "So, dear, what kind of prince would you like to marry someday?"
Ute would just shrug and say: "Oh, I'm fine without any princes at all, thanks."
"But dear" they would say "Who will run the kingdom?"
"Well, I thought I was. Is there something I'm missing here?"
"Well, um, who will keep you company, and love you, and tell you you're the most wonderful person in the world?"
"Why, my friends will. We all love each other so much; like sisters. Sometimes we understand each other so well..."
"...we finish each other's sentences." interjected a lady in waiting named Anna, as she bustled by on an errand.
"Well, um, er, then who will protect you? What if the pirates attack from the sea? Or the dreaded Troll-Riders of Slashlund attack from the mountains?"
"Oh please! Have you seen the kind of scores we've been getting in the archery finals? The girls have been thinking of invading Slashlund ourselves, I keep talking them out of it. Look, Mum, Daddy, I really have to go. My friends are waiting for me, we have a big climb, er, a big chess tournament coming up. Love you, bye bye." next->

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