So it went.
The King and Queen stepped up their efforts. They hired a psychomancer to talk to their daughter. Ute and the psychomancer talked, and talked, and talked. He thought the princess was a fascinating case. She gave him all kinds of ideas, which helped him finish his book, which made him famous. But at the conclusion of their time together, all the psychomancer could do was shrug and say "Well, she appears to be normal and well adjusted in every way. For some strange reason she just doesn't want a prince right now."
Meanwhile, rumors of a beautiful, smart princess who thought she didn't need a prince started to spread accross the neighboring islands. Every prince who heard these rumors took them as a challenge, and began to court Ute. Bound by tradition, her parents had no choice but to welcome each suitor into their castle, and introduce him to their unruly daughter. Who would blow him off. And each prince would go home sulking and plotting revenge. One prince even sent his henchmen to kidnap Ute, but kidnapped one of her ladies in waiting instead. So the very next night, Ute personally led a rescue mission, with a hand picked squad of the best trained ladies in waiting, or Royal Marines, as they've taken to half-jokingly calling themselves. They nailed strips of leather to the hooves of their horses to silence them, and wore black cloaks that made them almost invisible in the night. As the kidnappers rested in the forest, halfway to their homeland, Ute and her marines swooped down on them out of nowhere. The few kidnappers that escaped alive told the story to their prince, exaggerated tenfold. Now the rumors about Ute crossed into the absurd. Ute was a witch. Ute could fly. Ute could shoot lightning out of her eyes. Once a month, Ute turned into a dragon and then one really had better stay out of her way. All the princes now wanted her even more. next->

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