enth posted (how the hell... ?) in my LiveJournal, giving me a link to sidereal netradio, because it played a song that he had been telling me about, I would presume. Although it may very well have been Psydereal's station, and not enth's.

And now for something completely different: FISH!
Symbiotic fish, at that. I don't know just what they were symbiotic with, but whatever it was laid eggs (which were neon orange, like that roe you always get at sushi restaurants) in the fish's ass. Lots of eggs. And this is a small fish.
So after a few days, the amount of shit and eggs in this fish's rectum is about to kill it, when the pressure pushes all of it out, in an explosion of shit and life.
I saw this on some nature show, and I'm pretty sure I was appalled.