My ex-roomate Sara and I lived in a gigantic house somewhat resembling my parent's, although nothing like that of the two bedroom we shared.

We took seperate cars to the Sean-Na-Na show, and after enjoying the music I escaped happily alone to our huge home and fell asleep before she made it back.

I awoke in my childhood bedroom, all white and lovely with the rising sun. I opened my groggy eyes and looked around to discover my friend James sitting bed-side playing on my laptop. I asked him what he was doing and found that Sara had invited lots of "friends" to stay the night, James being only one of many. He snuck into my room to use the computer while I was sleeping.

I stumbled out of bed and went to find Sara, barely catching sight of her as she exited the back door shouting at me with commands to unload her suburban; she was going out with Pants. I yelled back a great big NO, and lots of "Fuck you!" 's as they pulled out of the driveway, leaving me to a houseful of sleepy and hungover emo kids.

Good grief.

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