Once again, I've discovered that I am the biggest barrier to my own happiness. I was doing very well a few weeks ago, and quite content with the world and my place in it. Then my family visited and for some reason I got all shook up about the future and Heaven and all the other things that are really, really unimportant to peace of mind. So, I came up with the idea of re-adopting the Christian faith. It worked! I made myself thoroughly unhappy for several weeks.

Look, maybe I'm damned. I could be carving out a space in Hell right now. Here's the thing, though: I know for sure that if I worry about what will happen after I die that I'll be miserable while I'm alive. If I enjoy myself while I'm alive, I might end up damned for all eternity. I think it was Pascal that came up with the idea that you might as well believe in God, because what if you're wrong? I'll offer an opposite viewpoint. You might as well enjoy your life to the fullest, because what if that's all there is?