Today marks the start of my second year here on this site. I am grateful for all of the assistance and especially to those who have taken the time and trouble to say: do this/don't do that. For those who have been here for more than a year and are curious what I have learned from one year, please msg me. For anyone who has been here less than a year, I have a message for you:

Some basic facts about e2

This site is free to use.
This site gives you an honest reaction to written work you submit. If you dislike the reaction, you are free to try again, write something else or try another website.
Some users will vote for work you hate and downvote work you like. Is that capricious? Sure.

This site does not advertise itself to be FAIR . There is no fair here. No balloons. No clowns, no funnel cakes.

Thanks again. Rock on.