It has been a couple months since we broke up and I am happy to say I have not seen her since. She used to work at the Movie theater near the mall, but she doesn't anymore. A friend of mine saw her last night-out for Halloween:

"Do you want to know what she was dressed as?" he asked- No, of course I didn't.

I don't know why people think I need that sort of information. My imagination provides plenty of reminders without specific reports from observers. Here is one I was reminded of this week:

How did I know she was leaving me for him? One day, about 4 pm-after school. She was standing next to a door talking to him. But as she talked she leaned forward and started playing with the buttons on his shirt. Not really looking at him-but looking at his chest (about eye level for her) and adjusting the buttons as if they were old friends and the habit was familiar to both of them. It was too intimate to be a mistake. That's when I knew.

When I see couples doing the little hands on/fingers searching things like this I am always reminded of her. It wasn't that she was that much into PDA, it was just that she liked to keep in contact that way-a hand on my sleeve, a foot against my leg-that sort of thing. I miss that.

Do I want to know what she was wearing?? Yeah, right