"Culture" as defined by the venerable and pleasant archaeologist/anthropologist Stuart McRae, the instructor of my college class on anthropology:

(1)Culture is an organized system (2)of learned behavior and thought patterns (3)always made manifest by a group (4)making that group distinctive from other groups. (5)It is not instinctive, but rests on a biological base of:

a. Binocular stereoscopic color vision;

b. Habitual upright bipedal locomotion;

c. Generalized forelimb with opposable thumb; and

d. The Symbolic Capacity (750-950 cubic centimeters)

(6)Culture is transmitted through language, (7)is cumulative, (8)embraces both artifacts and attitudes, (9)and functions as humankind's chief adaptive mechanism.

The numbers 1-9 mark the 9 main ideas embedded in this concept.