In*stinc"tive (?), a. [Cf. F. instinctif.]

Of or pertaining to instinct; derived from, or prompted by, instinct; of the nature of instinct; determined by natural impulse or propensity; acting or produced without reasoning, deliberation, instruction, or experience; spontaneous.

"Instinctive motion." Milton. "Instinctive dread."


With taste instinctive give Each grace appropriate. Mason.

Have we had instinctive intimations of the death of some absent friends? Bp. Hall.

⇒ The terms instinctive belief, instinctive judgment, instinctive cognition, are expressions not ill adapted to characterize a belief, judgment, or cognition, which, as the result of no anterior consciousness, is, like the products of animal instinct, the intelligent effect of (as far as we are concerned) an unknown cause.

Sir H. Hamilton.

Syn. -- Natural; voluntary; spontaneous; original; innate; inherent; automatic.


© Webster 1913.

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