How to do a wheelie

There are two things you should have if you want to learn how to do a wheelie:

  1. A motorcycle (preferably not yours.)
  2. Health insurance (preferably yours.)

Now, while moving forward slowly (at low RPM), sit as far back as possible on the bike, pull in the clutch, roll back on the throttle and then pop the clutch. If you feel like you're falling over backwards, tap on the rear brake.

If your front tire never never left the ground then you let out the clutch too slowly or too soon. If you've fallen flat on your ass you waited too long to let out the clutch.

If you're up on one wheel, then Yay!. Grin like an idiot and let yourself down (keep your front tire straight!) You can try to hold the wheelie as long as possible by playing with the throttle and finding the balance point.

Like stoppies, I've always thought that wheelies were a neat trick by still kind of stupid.