An exclamation of surprise, sounds rather a strange concept - but that's the whole surprise angle. Thought to have first originated from the mouth of Paul as he made his way to Damascus

"Christ on a bike, did ye have to barbecue ma fuckin donkey?"
Is what a close colleague reported him as saying.

A comic strip published in issue 107 of Viz:

"Jesus Christ was the luckiest messiah in all bible times. For his father, a brilliant carpenter, had built him a fantastic wooden bicycle for Christmas."

With Mintsauce, his pet Holy Lamb of God by his side, he impressed the people of Jerusalem with miracles such as pulling a wheelie all the way down main street.

The bike angered Pontius Pilate, for all he had was a stupid girl's bike with no crossbar and, having heard stories of his rival's 4-speed Sturmey Archer gears and how he gives backies to lepers and fallen women, he orders the crucifixion of Jesus.

Arrested by the Praetorian Guard for reckless cycling and riding through the flowerbeds of Gethsemane, Jesus is taken to the place of crucifixion and nailed to the cross while Pilate looks on ("How do you like this kind of crossbar, Mr Jesus 'Fancy Bicycle' Christ?"). Suddenly, Mintsauce comes down the hill atop the bike and pulls it round in a skid, temporarily blinding the guards with gravel and allowing Jesus to escape with the standard kid's comic weak pun punchline: "Truly, it looks like Pilate is the one who is cross now - eh, Mintsauce?".

"See how the Master rides no-hands!"
"Truly he is the son of God."

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