When you apply your front brakes too quickly on your motorcycle and the back of the bike rises off of the ground. Stoppies are more dangerous than a wheelies because if your bike's center of gravity passes over the front wheel, you're up shit creek.

That said, there are three steps to doing a stoppie:

  1. Brake: pull in your clutch and brake hard
  2. Lunge: lunge to move the center of gravity forward
  3. Pray: pray because if it doesn't work you'll either whack your crotch into the gas tank or fly over your handlebars. If you're extremely lucky your bike won't fall on top of you.

There's really very little point in doing stoppies because your average prole (i.e. non-motorcyclist) won't be impressed.

A key thing that I learned to do a stoppie is to do the braking in two steps. The initial braking is kind of soft, allowing the front suspension to compress. Once that's taken care of, you brake with the purpose of lifting your rear wheel off the ground, which needs to be much firmer and decisive. This will help your stoppie be smooth. Smooth is good, as having this sudden jerk in your motion may end up causing you to look like a retard as you fly over the handlebars.

Another thing that is important is to have your bike straight. If you are (hypothetically) riding down Spur 40 at 55 mph with your buddy watching from his truck, and try to do a stoppie when your bike is not properly aligned you will get yourself in that "look at me, I am an awesome crazy stud with huge gonads" position, and then notice that your rear end is swaying slightly to the right, and just when that starts to worry you, your front wheel, which you are pretty much above at this moment, starts to wobble. You will the see your life flash before your eyes and let off the brake, possibly screaming like a little girl, and hopefully only wobble one more time after you land, and then finally straighten out and carry on your merry way, praising Jesus that he watches over the stupid.

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