First produced in 2001, the Yamaha FZ-1 is a "naked" sport motorcycle derived from the R1. It appears to be an R1 minus most of the fairings but the entire bike has been tweaked slightly to make it more comfortable for the road. From the front brakes to the rear shocks, the R1 has been transformed from a wild beast into a slightly tamed beast.

The aluminum frame houses a liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder 20-valve 998cc engine with a peak output of approximately 120 horsepower and 70 foot-pounds of torque. The engine is fed by 4 37mm carburetors and connected to the back wheel via a 6-speed manual transmission and a chain drive.

The FZ-1 has the same dual 298mm front disc brakes as the R1 but a larger 267mm rear disc brake for increased braking power. The suspension is identical to the R1 except for a longer travel distance on both front and rear to make for a smoother ride.

The fuel tank has a 5.6-gallon capacity, almost a gallon higher capacity than the R1, making the FZ-1 suitable for long highway treks. The bike has a claimed dry weight of 458 lbs and 515 pounds with a full tank.

There are many parts availible for the FZ-1 ranging from factory-produced windscreens and carbon-fiber fenders to jet kits and kevlar brake lines to exhausts and camshafts.

The FZ-1, when properly controlled, can take a quarter-mile in a hair over ten and a half seconds and roll from 60mph to 80mph in about three and a quarter. Despite any styling or claims otherwise, the FZ-1 is a sport bike. It is, however, a very manueverable, powerful, and comfortable sport bike.

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