What a song...just listen:

that which you fear the most
could meet you half way

Whether it's Victoria Williams, or just Pearl Jam, or one of those rare recordings where they are both on stage, this song is something special.

This song is just pure emotion... the lyrics and the guitar. It touches me, gives me the shivers everytime I here it.

...wild eyed, crazy Mary...

This song is singing the blues and from first note to last, the parts of me that remember sadness, the parts that still sing the blues, sing along. Maybe it's catharsis, living out my former selves through the music.

Mary rising up above it all

What a song, what a story, what amazing soaring, wailing guitars. For a good plain Victoria Williams version, check out the "Women of Mountain Stage" album from West Virginia Public Radio's Mountain Stage series. Or listen to Eddie Vedder going it alone on the November 26, 2000 Seattle, Washington concert. And of course, the original and definitive version on the Sweet Relief album.