I don’t know what to do…. I mean I love my friends sometimes, but I can’t stand being with them.

It’s like this, we are a group, 8 of us, if you call one guy to go out, it’s usually pretty obvious everyone will be or should be asked…

But I don’t like everybody anymore; sometimes I’m not sure I even like anybody. We all talk on the phone to each other at least 5 times a week, some of us more than others; I have daily talks with about 3 of them, everyday, for sure.

Anyways, I had a big fight with most of them a few months ago (Warning, traveling with friends can break friendships, even if you have been told 6000 times and don’t believe it) I settled it with this one girl, and sort of ignore it with these other two guys…. But I still really can’t stand this couple left…

They are nice, but I think they really don’t think highly of me, and don’t respect me much, I just don’t like being around them… sometimes I try to avoid them sometimes I try to get closer.

No matter what I do, “he” always sooner or later comes out with something mean to say, and “she” is just a tad conceited (to everyone, not just to me I think).

I just don’t like hanging out with them… it messes with my mood, I go out to feel good, not to come back and whine on the web about it.

I think I need new friends. I KNOW I need new friends… I just can’t find any I’d like to see daily.

Any ideas?