I just noticed the clock on my PC shows January 8th 1999, weird, fixed it.

It’s 06:15am Saturday morning in Tel Aviv, yes I know I write a lot about Israel in my day logs, but that’s because I live here.

I am amazed how only 2 hours ago the streets were packed, not Sunday morning packed, but still there was a decent amount of traffic and the cafes and pubs had people crawling all over them. But now it’s daylight and everyone has gone home to sleep, or is still asleep or is 68 years old and just got up to go for the morning swim or walk or whatever it is old people who go to sleep early and wake up at dawn do after they are done being busy with waking up.

Right now I am sitting here, listening to Tool, a friend was nice enough to DCC me some of their stuff on IRC while I was away last night, not too bad, I should listen to them more, maybe be a good citizen and buy a CD (yeah right)

I had a really great night, spent mostly smoking Nargilla in a friends back yard, we used fresh coals not the instant kind, which is cool since you don’t have to light a new one all the time, just take some more out of the barbecue. We had tons of tobacco around and smoked mostly apple and peach flavor, had some great mint tea with it, and just sat around shooting the bull.

Around midnight we went in to watch some TV, there is this timeslot on Friday nights where you send in home videos and they show downright everything, mostly film student and animation freak stuff and a lot of mixed 1 minute things done by very strange people. We are thinking of sending in something, I’ll wake up in a few hours and think about it some more.

Afterwards there was this GREAT late night satire show, which was originally aired in May, but I was in Peru at the time so I’ve never seen it, really funny. It’s called “Ha Machsof” in case any of you get Israeli TV on Satellite and understand Hebrew.

Then I drove home to Tel Aviv, which is where I almost ran over a hooker coming off the freeway, and then was aware to how awake the city is. it never ceases to amaze me, Tel Aviv never sleeps. To think I was worried about running into traffic at first so I drove around the wrong way.

I spent 3am until daybreak at the hotel where my friend works, we watched people out the lobby window, most interesting was squad car parked on the sidewalk, chick cop met some friends and was hugging them and stuff, male cop can down from Club 10,000 (a whore house with a big Health Clinic sign) with some girl, they disappeared around the corner for about 20 minutes, he came back, got a pizza with his partner and they drove off…. I am so naive…. I am always surprised by such things. Even though 10 minutes earlier I was encouraging my friend to get in league with some pimp and get kickbacks for ordering call girls, instead of just giving people the magazine with the adds.

This all is probably boring to read, but I had a great freaking night, got home, emailed a couple people, I’m about to go to sleep now,.. I still reek of the hookah.

I am happy; life is all one big reggae song…

Whatever that means.