Yeah, there are these two bus ads with a guy and his five o'clock shadow with sexy lips in lovely hues of green and violet flagging the url, although I wondered a bit about the product when I saw the ads. I was walking back from lunch with my cubemate and I saw the ad and were a little confused by it at first.

"Lor, is that for real?" I asked. I sometimes am really in awe of what people do with fashion and accessories.

"Would you kiss a guy who was wearing green lipstick?" she asked me.

I replied, "I wouldn't go near a guy with lipstick on, period. I don't think they'd be into coming near me either."

"Good point..." she noted.

"I guess guys could wear it out to parties or something. I dunno."

I think that even if a product like this did catch on, it'd be popular how nail polish was for men a few years ago and then only Goths would keep the trend from outright dying after the fad faded.

I didn't know it was a spoof at all until I read Saige's node, so I guess this shows that if you have a .com and a little money, you truly can own the world (or fool a lot of people).