Moose in the City is a cultural advertisement showcased by Labatt and the City of Toronto has brought life-sized replicas of moose to downtown Toronto. Street corners, boulevards and landmarks are now home to the Canadian Moose bearing Canadian propaganda. Since Its sponsored by Labatt (When did the City start getting into deals with beer companies, anyway?), it could be their answer to the Molson Canadian I am Canadian ad campaign but I think the moose are far more effective than 30 seconds on TV.


Because the American tourists that are here (ironically, the program runs until October) love them. Labatt's and Mel Lastman are going to be the ones who made a lot of people take pictures here this year.

Good ol' Mr. Photo op, Mel..


Did you know that for a mere $6,500 and a polite letter to the city requesting permission to put one on your walkway, you too can have a moose?

If I had that kind of money, I'd get one and put it on the edge of the Don Valley.

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