"Hunted by a Freak" is the instrumental first track from Mogwai's 2003 release, Happy Music for Happy People.

"Hunted by a Freak" also happens to be coupled with the single most heartbreaking video ever.

It is a four-minute long display of computer-generated animal cruelty, and is as effective at making one depressed enough to enjoy the song as possible.

In it, a large unidentified character purchases various animals from a local pet store, and throws them off of the top of a building.

A red bird, its wings tied to its body. He desperatly tries to free himself, to no avail.

Two hamsters, who, in the clip's most gut-wrenching and bizarre sequences, embrace in free-fall

Two turtles, one of whom is crushed under the wheel of a passing car

And a puppy, held from and released by his head.

I'm unsure what Mogwai was shooting for with the clip, but I think they succeeded.