An area of outstanding beauty on New Zealand's South Island

North Otago is a loosely defined area south of the Waitaki River, it's borders being the pacific to the east, the Southern Alps to the west and Palmerston to the south. Seat of local government and largest dwelling in this rather underpopulated area is Oamaru (also known as "the penguin capital of the world"). North Otago tends to be ignored by most tourists on their way from Christchurch to Dunedin, but unbeknown to them they are driving through an area of outstanding beauty, devoid of mass tourism and full of charming humans (and animals). The people down here are known for their outstanding hospitality, their fondness for hunting and fishing and their fondness for non verbal communication: they don't say a lot.

Places to visit when in North Otago

Where to eat and drink

Where to stay

Local sports heroes


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