About 12 years ago, I abstained from my particular addiction, and found a whole new world waiting for me. I went back to painting and drawing, and began playing the drums for the first time. I discovered life was wonderful and beautiful in a way that I had never known. I had completely forgotten how spiritual art really is, how it challenges you to grow and forces you to see both inside and outside of yourself.

It was like when I was a little girl, no one could hurt me or bother me when I was drawing pictures on the playground steps. The meanest bullies would fall silent and leave me alone.

Two days ago, I became ready to create art again. I am so happy! I brought out my watercolors and my drawing board from the basement - tonight I will get my paper out and the paper tape and soak it and prepare the board. I am going to copy an oil painting to get back in the groove. And no one will ever see it except me, so if I make a big ugly mess, it's okay. I'm so relieved I can paint again. I didn't know if it would ever come back.

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