Hello Everything2,

My username is 'elle the quiet one' but you can call me 'Elle'. Today I discovered; you can be the best version of yourself because no one else knows how to be you. Then I discovered; if all you know about yourself is that you are nice, you don't have much to go by. Being mostly taught how to say words like 'hello', 'how are you', 'please', 'thank you' and 'bless you' at the appropriate moments brings manners to a situation although they do not affect substance of a conversation. A flowing conversation comes normally for most people, but not for me.

An example of a person with speaking problems can be seen in the movie 'The Kings Speech'. The movie is based upon King George VI of the United Kingdom, who had a speech impediment. As a king of great responsibility, he delivered many speeches and worked through his speaking problems. King George VI speech therapist named Lionel Logue said “No one is born with a stutter”.

Although King George VI's speech impediment is different to my quietness, seeking how to change ones speaking patterns will take time. So for now, I will write about it. If you wish to follow my Everything2 journey you will find I will be explaining why I am quiet, I will go into detail about how to be the opposite of quiet and then log my personal experiences. It will be a learning process, a how to guide and glimpes of pieces of my life. I will also write about other unrelated magical things. I hope I will be able to meet a lot of people from Everything2 and have fun.