As per my proffered 'donation' of sorts to THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 4: FERRASSIC PARK, I will do complete node audits of each and every participant who topped 15 nodes for Iron Noder in November (and a little bit into December) 2011 -- and the contest having culminated, those lucky meritorious winners are:

Glowing Fish (32) going to take a while
mauler (37) going to take a while
Tem42 (35) going to take a while
The Custodian (33) going to take a while

Aerobe (32) DONE!!
aeschylean (16) DONE!!
Auspice (28) DONE!!
DonJaime (30) DONE!!
Hazelnut (30) DONE!!
IWhoSawTheFace (30) DONE!!
jessicaj (30) DONE!!
lizardinlaw (20) DONE!!
moeyz (61) DONE!!
Montag (27) DONE!!
raincomplex (22) DONE!!
RoboQuote (18) DONE!!
synechdouche (31) DONE!!
wombat-socho (30) DONE!!
worn-out_shoe (30) DONE!!
Zephronias (30) DONE!!

Awesome congratulations to all!! I'd actually intended that my voting sprees be accomplished during the contest, as each new mark was set, but was denied by a conspiratorial combination of 'the troubles' on E2 and my own computer woes and time crunches. For those who didn't reach the magical midway marker, fear not, eventually, probably, for all who participated, I'll do node audits. I like reading. I like voting. Blessings!!

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