How much is that Noder in the Window? (woof woof)

So I was thinking. On evercrack there is a thriving real-world economy going on. People sell equipment and characters for money. There is a black market exchange rate for game money to dollars. A lot of money changes hands in the real world just for in-game things.

Could the same happen here on e2? How much would people spend for a decent account? For a well written write up? For someone to nodevertise their nodes in the catbox? You laugh - but it could happen...

If anyone is interested... I've got one Level 2 account, about 8.5 Merit - 51 W/Us, only $500

So the day was. So the day is.

One of my flat mates - the One Who Does Not Node has run away. We haven't seen her since Saturday night. We worry.

We slighted her somehow, we don't know why. She locked her self up... and now she's... gone. well, we do know where she is but thats not really the point

Apart from that the day was fine. Code a bit of PHP, swear at debian - the only OS I've found where running "apt-get install php4-gd" installs the wrong version of GD as its dependency. Seeing segfaults in your apache error log is never a good thing. It also takes a bitch of a time to track down the error and to rip things out of debian with out killing programs with dependencies.

It has come to my attention that some people got confused about my last daylog. When I said that I wasn't going to vote on nodes written by people who hadn't been seen in over a month, I didn't clarify one thing. Good nodes are likely to be well linked. So I'm pretty likely to come across them again as I wander the nodegel. So if the noder has been back to e2 and I come across that node again then I'll happily vote on it!

Hi, My name is elem_125.
I'm a daylogger.

signing off.....