A terrible movie (and need I say a timeless cult classic?) directed by Russ Meyer (he of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! fame) and the only movie ever written by Roger Ebert. It was released in 1970.

I can't decide if this movie is a parody or not. It doesn't fit well into any genre except bad. Okay, let's see if I can run down the plot for you:

Three buxom young rock-musicians and their Greg Brady looking manager head for LA seeking fame and fortune. They are, of course, discovered on their first night in the city, by a creepy androgynous hipster music producer and they instantly shoot to fame and fortune as The Carrie Nations. But life in the fast lane comes at a price:

Buxom girl #1, Greg Brady's girlfriend, gets corrupted by the lifestyle and becomes a little sex-crazy slut, willing to do anything to get money for her creepy new boyfriend. Buxom girl #2 becomes a lesbian, gets pregnant by Greg Brady in a drug-induced stupor one night, her lesbian lover convinces her to have an abortion, and they're both murdered at the end. Buxom girl #3 (also known as the token Black character) falls in love with a hardworking young Black law student, but cheats on him with a big hunky Muhammad Ali-looking boxer, who then almost kills them both. Greg Brady gets really depressed about it all and tries to kill himself, but instead just winds up crippled. (Don't worry, Buxom girl #1 comes to her senses and vows to nurse him for the rest of her life. And then he miraculously recovers.) And creepy androgynous hipster guy turns out to be a woman passing as a man, and also turns out to be a homocidal maniac. He kills several of the main characters (including, predictably, the lesbians. When did they finally start making movies with lesbians who didn't die at the end?)

The absolute BEST part of the movie is the very end, when deep-voiced radio announcer guy comes on with a voiceover to explain to us the morals of each character's story.

Oh, and by the way, the band at the perpetual party scene that only seems to know one song is Strawberry Alarm Clock. Just a bit of movie trivia for you there.