Lisa Carver also writes a column for the Nerve ( The Lisa Diaries catalogs her life and pursuit of sexual dysfunction, function, and just plain fun. She's written about incest, her rambling alcoholic youth, and her son, (with former husband Boyd Rice, see above) Wolfgang's impact on her lifestyle and vocation. She is now on the cusp of thirty, and she is unflinchingly honest about her adventures and their repercussions, and her past. As she says:

I'm not a pervert. It's normal and natural to, say, have sex in a dirty movie booth. Those other gross people swarming around your booth are the perverts -- not because it's perverted to be there, but because they slink. You can do just about anything and remain a decent, lovable person as long as you don't slink.

Feb 16 1999, From The Lisa Diaries at