Anonymous thugs are after these little black boys. The two boys are are on their way to do some investigating, and they take a shortcut through a mansion. They go upstairs, intending to leave through the front door, when the older one whispers, "No, come back!"
I know he can't hear anything, or see anything, but he knows that something bad is going to happen.
Shots ring out, and rays of light shine through the bullet holes, illuminating the swirling dust right where the boys had been standing.

The middle brother doesn't listen and gets shot by the thugs. Blood spatters against the wall, and he slides down it to a sitting position. The two remaining brothers are terrified, and they run back and towards the other side of the house, but more thugs arrive, coming in from all sides.

I wake up with my heart pounding, and I can't go back to sleep. I lay there for about twenty minutes, and finally just get up.