, a grassroots political organization on the Internet, offers its members a chance to participate in Democracy in Action, as its tagline suggests. Founded by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, as a way to protest the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the site was revitalized after 9/11.

The site is now mainly directed towards protests against a war on Iraq. MoveOn Peace is largely directed by Eli Pariser. MoveOn Peace has organized several high-volume petitions, meetings with Congresspeople and Senators across the nation, leafleting, and the first ever Virtual March on Washington.

In addition to direct action, MoveOn has run radio spots, billboards, and bus advertisements in many markets throughout the country. The most famous example of MoveOn advertising is a remake of Lyndon Johnson's Daisy Girl ad, which shows a girl picking daisies before being destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. The television ad was covered around the world and was run during the Super Bowl straight into the Dubya's White House living room.