A bastard child of hip-hop, Ed Rush a.k.a Ben Settle started djing at the age of 17. Nieghbours with the already established Nico Sykes of No U Turn he began learning production skills. Now he is one of the lead musicians in the jungle scene.

In 1993 the two of them released "Bludclot Artattack" on No-U-Turn. While djing for Don FM, Ben hooked up with DJ Trace and the three of them joined forced to remix T-Power's "Mutant Jazz" - a track cited by many as a pivotal moment in the history of drum n bass.

Critics have called his music "dark" and "angry" whilst Ben states that "It is not necessarily me being angry, its just the sound that I really dig, I'm in it big time. It effects me, it just grabs me and goes yeah!"

A DJ of International reputation, he spreads the soundz of the drum the bass around the world and has his own label "Virus Recordings".