Last-ditch-effort-at-emptying-freezer Ramen


  • 1 packet of Ramen
  • Single forlorn spring roll left in freezer
  • Half chicken-breast lying at a respectable distance from spring roll in freezer
  • 1 table spoon of any edible oil within reach
  • Any spicy sauce available..amount depends on taste but I find that three generous dashes suffice. Dry Chili is preferable but is an activist of the Great Disappearing Foodstuff Conspiracy in my kitchen so I'll leave that to individual Ramen fans around the world.
Cut chicken into small bits and pieces (around 1cm cubes is perfect). Fry this in the oil for about 4 minutes and then add two cups of water and wait for this to boil. When boiling add ramen and spring roll. The spring roll will (hopefully) open up in the violently boiling water, spilling it's delicious contents into your ramen mixture. Add spicy sauce towards the end to prevent it losing any of it's potency.