Ever since beginning to take zoloft, I find myself remembering my dreams :)
Glass, my dreams are filled with glass. All throughout my life I have dreamt of glass: a glass palace, my bedroom ceiling a glass dome looking out to the stars, a dodecahedron fishbowl.. last night I dreamt of glass again. And a mansion, I always dream of mansions. It is a major theme of dustfromamoth’s dreams.

I dreamt that my uncle asked me to carry a pony inside. The pony was so tiny and brown like a puppy!!!!!!! I was so excited that I saw exclamation marks in my dream! I woke up and buzzed into Micky’s room and told him all about my dream pony breathlessly, and he looked at me and blinked, and said, “..yeah.. but if it’s so tiny you can’t ride it”. Sigh. I bet inside he was thinking how cool my dream pony was.

I also dreamed that Margaret wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a birthday message written up in lights on the side of a skyscraper. Apparently this was some type of extraordinary advertising business, where people would pay mass amounts of cash to say something in city lights on the side of skyscrapers. Her message simply said “MM”, and underneath that, “M”. I do not know what this means. Apparently it was really expensive because it didn’t stay up there long enough for her boyfriend to see. And my dad also bought one of these messages and was very disappointed that his didn’t stay up there for very long at all either. Stupid skyscraper advertising. I had a dream once that the sky became a place where people advertised. I’ll kill myself if the sky ever becomes cluttered up with fucking sprite logos and such.

My family and I were also evidently at a carnival last night and my grandmother offered to buy clothes for me. I apparently decided upon some lustrously fuzzy black cardigan (as well as two singlets*) but it ended up being very very overpriced and so my grandmother got mad at me and I didn’t buy it. I didn’t particularly want the thing anyway.
*She ended up buying me the two singlets which sort of had glitter thread through them, and one of them had this kitschy picture of a whoreish alice in wonderland. They were eight dollars each, and I was satisfied that my grandmother didn’t have to spend very much at all on me. Everything I bought was $8 actually. There were two shaggyish cushions in cappuccinos and dull greens and pale pinks, they were $8, and two tiny CD-like objects, I forget their purpose but one was a goat CD and one was a horse CD. I was unsatisfied with the horse one. The discs were slightly bigger than a coin, and covered in plastic like MiniDiscs are. They were goldish orange. I would like to have a shop where everything cost $8.